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Face2Face slides 25 July 2016. By Andrew Todd. Rights Issues - 19 September 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 25 July 2016 by Garth Mackenzie. War stories from my time in the markets - 19 September 2016        1 Comments


2016 Traders Corner survey responses - 13 September 2016        0 Comments

The information below contains all the responses to the 2016 Traders Corner survey. Responses were received from 195 respondents, which represents 38% of our active subscriber base. All responses are un edited and uncensored. The survey result have been captured between 8 September 2016 and 13 Se


Face2Face slides 26 May 2016 by Andrew Todd. Yearly Pivot Points - 6 June 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 26 May 2016 by Garth Mackenzie. World Tour of Global Markets - 6 June 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 28 April 2016 by Andrew Todd. A look at the dual listed stocks - 5 May 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 25 February 2016. By Andrew Todd. What are the bond markets telling us? - 29 February 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 25 February 2016. By Garth Mackenzie. General Market Update. - 29 February 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 28 January 2016. By Andrew Todd. Market outlook for 2016 - 29 January 2016        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 28 January 2016 by Garth Mackenzie. 10 stocks for 2016 - 29 January 2016        1 Comments


Face2Face Slides 24 Nov 2015. By Andrew Todd. A review of our 2015 analysis - 26 November 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 24 Nov 2015. By Garth Mackenzie. Review of 10 stocks for 2015 - 26 November 2015        0 Comments


Face2face Slides 29 Oct 2015 by Andrew Todd. Seasonality on Top40 stocks - 30 October 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides by Garth Mackenzie. 29 Oct 2015. One year review of my parents retirement portfolio - 30 October 2015        4 Comments


Face2Face Slides 1 October 2015 by Andrew Todd. Putting together the pieces of a bear market puzzle - 5 October 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 1 October by Garth Mackenzie. Strategies for trading a bear market - 5 October 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 27 August 2015 by Andrew Todd: Potential risks on the horizon - 27 August 2015        1 Comments


Face2Face slides 27 August 2015 by Garth Mackenzie: Understanding failed technical patterns - 27 August 2015        0 Comments


10 Stocks for my son - 2 years on. How's it doing? - 4 August 2015        13 Comments

Two years ago my life changed for the better. My first son was born - a beautiful little blond boy. He turned two recently and he is rapidly growing into a little boy, full of character and a zest for life.


When he was born, I started an investment portfolio of ten stocks f


Face2Face slides 30 July 2015 by Andrew Todd. Top40 1hr ROC trading system - 31 July 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 30 July 2015 by Garth Mackenzie. Unpacking the Chinese market crash - 31 July 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 25 June 2015. By Andrew Todd. Half year review. - 30 June 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 28 May 2015 by Andrew Todd. Using moving averages to identify trend changes - 1 June 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 28 May 2015 by Garth Mackenzie. Stop loss strategies explained - 1 June 2015        0 Comments


What does it really take to make a career as a trader? - 11 May 2015        6 Comments

By Garth Mackenzie


I’m regularly approached by people who want to trade for a living, thinking it is an easy way to earn some money to live off without having to put in too much effort. The typical line goes something like this: “Garth, I’ve saved up about


Summary of 30 minute breakout system - by Gert Beytel - 30 March 2015        15 Comments

This contribution has been made by Gert Beytel who is a subscriber to


A summary of the 30 min break out rules:


  • Use 30 min chart.
  • Do not trade at all during 1st 30 min of the day.
  • Mark the high a


Face2Face Slides 26 March 2015 by Andrew Todd: Top40 30-min breakout system - 27 March 2015        1 Comments


Face2Face slides 26 March 2015 by Garth Mackenzie: Options structure for downside protection - 27 March 2015        2 Comments


Face2Face Slides 26 Feb 2015 by Andrew Todd. Local ETFs - 11 March 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 26 Feb 2015 by Garth Mackenzie. Property, Pref and International ETFs - 11 March 2015        0 Comments


Face2face Slides 22 Jan 2015. Market outlook for 2015 by Andrew Todd - 23 January 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 22 January 2015. Ten stocks for 2015 by Garth Mackenzie - 23 January 2015        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 27 Nov by Andrew Todd. Developing a trading system around Weeks Watchlist - 28 November 2014        1 Comments


Face2Face Slides 27 Nov by Garth Mackenzie. Securing my parents a comfortable retirement - 28 November 2014        0 Comments Survey 2014 results - 10 November 2014        0 Comments

We conducted a survey among all subscribers to get their feedback on what we are doing right, where we can improve and to get to know our subscribers a little better. Within the first four days of running the survey we received 252 responses which represents just under half of


Face2Face Slides 30 Oct by Andrew Todd. Bullish Case vs Bearish Case - 3 November 2014        1 Comments


Face2Face Slides 30 Oct by Garth Mackenzie. Assessing Technical Damage on Intl Markets - 3 November 2014        0 Comments


And that concludes my worst investment ever. By Garth Mackenzie - 16 September 2014        5 Comments

I’ve just cashed up and closed the worst investment I have ever made. I thought I’d write about this experience to tell you about it and to extract the lessons that I have learned from this experience, in the hope that whoever reads this article might take the lessons on board and avo


Face2Face slides 31 July 2014 by Andrew Todd. Explaining Divergence - 1 August 2014        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 31 July by Garth Mackenzie. 3 winners, 3 losers and 3 trades to consider now. - 1 August 2014        0 Comments


One year later - 10 stocks I bought for my new born son. - 15 July 2014        3 Comments

One year ago today, my son was born – an event that changed my life for the better. The past year has been an absolute joy and I cannot imagine what life was like before we had this little bundle of joy running around our house.


A year ago, I bought a portfolio of sto


Face2Face Slides 29 May by Andrew Todd. Explaining Elliott Wave Principles - 2 June 2014        0 Comments


Face2Face Slides 29 May by Garth Mackenzie. Strategies for trading a choppy market. - 2 June 2014        0 Comments


Seasonality on the JSE. Face2Face slides by Andrew Todd - 26 March 2014 - 27 March 2014        2 Comments


Five High Probability Trade Setups to lookout for. Face2Face slides by Garth Mackenzie - 26 Mar 2014 - 27 March 2014        0 Comments


Rates, Retailers, Resources and the Rand. Face to Face slides - 27 February - By Andrew Todd - 3 March 2014        0 Comments


Shifting sector leadership on the JSE - Face2Face slides 27 February 2014. By Garth Mackenzie - 3 March 2014        1 Comments


2014 market outlook and US election cycle - Face2Face 30 Jan 2014 by Andrew Todd - 31 January 2014        0 Comments


Strategies for trading a choppy market in 2014 - Face2Face slides 30 Jan 2014. By Garth Mackenzie - 31 January 2014        0 Comments


The difference between Trading and Investing - 13 January 2014        4 Comments

In my work as someone providing trading guidance, I regularly see people facing difficulty in identifying the difference between trading and investing. The two disciplines are very different, but there are overlaps and it is very easy to muddy the waters between the two approaches. 


Why Size Really Does Matter! The importance of position sizing - 13 December 2013        0 Comments

By Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.


How many shares or contracts should you take per trade? It's a critical question, one that most traders don't really know how to answer properly. 


Position sizing™ strategies are the parts of your trading system that


14 stocks for 2014 (from Face2Face Session 28 Nov 2013) - 5 December 2013        2 Comments

The final Traders Corner Face2Face Session of 2013 was held last Thursday, 28 November. The evening was well attended at the offices of IG South Africa in Sandton. Thanks to all who attended. We were live Tweeting through the evening and Candice Kropf from @mysocialideas took hold of my Twitter a


Traders Corner 2013 Survey responses - 25 November 2013        4 Comments

We recently surveyed the subscriber base of Traders Corner. Responses were received from 236 people which represents approximately half of the active subscriber base. We indicated that we would make all the survey responses available. These responses are available below.




Top40 options structure for downside participation with limited loss - 30 September 2013        1 Comments

On Traders Corner this week (week of 30 September 2013) I am highlighting an option structure which I have created in order to give some downside participation on the Top40 Index, with limited risk. Effectively this is a short position with a limited loss, and a fairly good participation in the e


When compared to the petrol price, how have the shares in the Top40 kept up? - 12 August 2013        7 Comments

I recently noticed that the share price of AngloGold had hit a new 10 year low. This got me thinking back to where I was 10 years ago when this stock was last at the same price it is today. 10 years ago, I had recently finished university and had been at my first proper job for nearly a year. I w


Marrying a long term fundamental view with a short term trading view: A conundrum - 1 August 2013        7 Comments

I watch HotStoxx on CNBC Africa (DSTV410) religiously every morning while I am preparing for the day ahead. I find the insight and views expressed by Paul Theron and his expert guests very interesting. There is a great deal of excellent content presented on HotStoxx and in most instances I agree


10 Stocks I'm buying my new born son - 29 July 2013        70 Comments

Tuesday 16 July 2013 was a special day for me. My first child was born: a beautiful blond haired little boy. This marks the start of a new chapter in my life, and suddenly my life has gained a whole lot of new meaning. I have a responsibility to this little boy, and it’s a bigger responsibi


How to get started as a trader - 15 July 2013        14 Comments

I’m regularly asked by people who have never traded before, how they can get started in the world of trading. Whilst the barriers to entry are not particularly high, the world of trading in the financial markets can be quite intimidating to those who have never been exposed to this industry



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