Face to Face

These 2 hour evening sessions bring traders face to face with Garth Mackenzie in an interactive evening discussion. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, engage in discussion and debate topics related to trading and to the market. Garth will be on hand to supply charts and analysis in a live interactive environment. Garth starts the evening off with a brief 20 minute presentation on a topical issue, and then the floor is open for discussion on any market related issues. There is no set order of events. The floor is open to everyone to ask questions, debate and learn from each other and to get a face to face insight into Garth's market analysis.

Forthcoming Face to Face Sessions

Traders Corner Face2Face Session
IG South Africa, 1st Floor, The Place, 1 Sandton Drive, Sandton 2019-07-04 18:00
Maximum participants: 30
Current bookings: 10
Cost: R0.00
We look forward to welcoming all traders to come and join the discussion. In this session Garth Mackenzie and Andrew Todd will present the third Face2Face Presentation of 2019. Topics to be confirmed. After our presentations, the floor will be open for an hour of questions and open discussion. We will have charts on hand to do live technical analysis and provide views and answers to delegates' questions. The idea behind our Face2Face Sessions is that all attendees leave the evening having learned something new, and with a few potential trade ideas to keep an eye out for. Face2Face Sessions are FREE to attend.
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