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21 February 2017: Reviewing our open trades in BHP Billiton and Weir Group

Business Day TV

14 February 2017: Two new offshore trades opened in BHP Billiton and Weir Group

7 February 2017: S&P500, Top40, ZARUSD and a look at BHP Billiton on the JSE and LSE

31 January 2017: Banking profits on RBS and cutting a small loss on MTN

24 January 2017: New long trade opened in MTN Group

17 January 2017: Our first offshore trade opened in Royal Bank of Scotland

10 January 2017: Kicking off 2017 with a new format including offshore stocks

20 December 2016: Wrapping up 2016 with a 25% profit to donate to charity

13 December 2016: Banking profits in Kumba and Exxaro. Wrapping up for 2016 charity donation

6 December 2016: Entering a new long trade in Exxaro following a 3-day rule

29 November 2016: Updating Kumba trade, and a look at Clicks and Sasol

22 November 2016: New long trade opened in Kumba Iron Ore

15 November 2016: Taking a look at the market's unexpected reaction to Donald Trump's win

8 November 2016: S&P500, VIX, Gold price, Top40, ZARUSD. Discussion on US elections

1 November 2016: Focus on S&P500, VIX, Top40 and ZARUSD. Rand looking to go stronger

25 October 2016: Banking profits in Naspers. Look at S&P500, Dow Jones, Gold Price and Top40

18 October 2016: New long trade entered in Naspers

11 October 2016: Buying 5x DEC16ALMI futures to 50% hedge option structure

4 October 2016: S&P500, Top40 and a look at the 4 largest shares on the JSE: NPN, BIL, CFR, BTI

27 September 2016: Educational show on binary options

20 September 2016: S&P500, Top40. Analysis on ZARGBP and ZARUSD

13 September 2016: Returning volatility. Top40 movers for Q3 and a look ahead to Q4

6 September 2016: Low volatility discussed, as well as Naspers contribution to Top40 Index

30 August 2016: New option structure opened on DEC16ALSI for downside protection.

23 August 2016: S&P500, Stoxx600 Europe and banking profit in Top40 long

16 August 2016: Banking profits in DRD Gold, Remgro. Stopped out on Truworths. Long Top40 cash CFD

9 August 2016: Educational show detailing continuation patterns: Triangles, Flags, Wedges.

2 August 2016: Entering new short trades in Truworths and Remgro

26 July 2016: Banking profits in Mr Price and entering a long trade in DRD Gold

19 July 2016: S&P500, EuroStoxx50, Top40 and Mr Price

12 July 2016: S&P500 at a new high, new trades in SA40 CFD and Mr Price

5 July 2016: Top40 vulnerability and a look at the gold miners

28 June 2016: New SEP16ALSI option structure entered for Q3 downside protection

21 June 2016: Half year review for 2016

14 June 2016: Stopped out on Investec. Look at vulnerable international markets

7 June 2016: New long trade entered in Investec

31 May 2016: Hedging our Top40 option structure against the danger zone

24 May 2016: Educational: understanding capital raisings and book builds

17 May 2016: Banking profit on Top40 trade. A look at weekly charts of international indices

10 May 2016: Entering a new long trade on IG SA40 R2 per point CFD

3 May 2016: Analysis of S&P500, VIX, JSE Sectors

26 April 2016: Banking profits on Top40 long. New short in Truworths

19 April 2016: Revisiting long Top40 trade, banking profits on Life Healthcare. Analysing the rand 2016-04-19

12 April 2016: Long trade on Top40. Discuss S&P500, Russell 2000 and Nasdaq 100

5 April 2016: Top40 option, Life Healthcare, S&P500, VIX, US Dollar Index

29 March 2016: Educational: Understanding the concept of shorting

22 March 2016: Hedging options trade, and reviewing Top40 and S&P500

15 March 2016: Relative Sector performances and a new long trade in Life Healthcare

8 March 2016: Banking profits in Bidvest. Stopped out on Cashbuild short. Discuss Resi Index

1 March 2016: Narrowing time frames on charts. New long trade on Bidvest

23 February 2016: Strengthening rand makes the Top6 JSE shares vulnerable to weakness

16 February 2016: Top40, S&P500, Banks Index and Financial Index

9 February 2016: A number of charts painting a concerning picture for markets

2 February 2016: Top40 options structure entered for downside exposure

26 January 2016: Top40 trade stopped out. Analysing breaks of lateral support levels

19 January 2016: New long trade on MAR16ALSI and short opened on Cashbuild

12 January 2016: 2016 goals, and a look at bearish international market charts

15 December 2015: Some of our best (and worst) trades for 2015

8 December 2015: 2015 Charity Donation and stats for the year

1 December 2015: A scenario to monitor for the year end

24 November 2015: Discussing Top40, S&P500 and the US Dollar Index

17 November 2015: Stopped out on Steinhoff and buying Top40 micro CFD against our Put options

10 November 2015: Stopped out on Redefine and opening a new long trade in Steinhoff

3 November 2015: Banking profits in Zeder and opening a new long trade in Redefine Properties

27 October 2015: Banking profits in BHP Billiton and discussing Zeder, Top40 and S&P500

20 October 2015: Closing RMH / FSR pair trade, and opening a new long position in BHP Billiton

13 October 2015: Understanding why SAB Miller is trading at such big discount to proposed deal price

6 October 2015: Opening a new long trade in Zeder

29 September 2015: Discussing market weakness and opening a new pair trade in RMBH and Firstrand

22 September 2015: Post-mortem of SAB short trade. New put option structure on DEC15ALSI

15 September 2015: Looking at deterioration in the Indi25, and new short opened on SAB Miller

8 September 2015: Is the bull market over? S&P500, Top40 and a look at possible SAB Miller short

1 September 2015: Banking profits on Top40 long, and cutting losses on Pioneer / Zeder pair trade

25 August 2015: Examining the recent market rout. S&P500, Top40 and a new long trade opened in the IG Top40 micro CFD

18 August 2015: Revisiting the PFG/ZED pair trade, and the SEP15ALSI put option structure

11 August 2015: Educational: Banking profits on Sasol short and entering a pair trade between Pioneer Foods and Zeder

4 August 2015: Educational: Showing how stochastic divergence can be used as a predictive indicator

28 July 2015: Banking profits on MTN short and a post-mortem of last week’s long in Kumba.

21 July 2015: Shorts in Sasol and MTN, Long in Kumba Iron Ore

14 July 2015: Top40, and a few shorting ideas to watch for the week ahead

7 July 2015: Banking profits in Naspers and opening a put spread option structure on SEP15ALSI

30 June 2015: Half year review for 2015

23 June 2015: Profit time for JUN15ALSI options structure, New trade entered in Naspers

16 June 2015: Identifying important option strikes ahead of futures close out. Looking at the long term trends on Indi, Fini and Findi

9 June 2015: Analysing deteriorating momentum on the Top40, and a possible scenario for futures close out

2 June 2015: A week of stop losses. Mediclinic, Capitec and Top40 discussed

26 May 2015: Opening a new trade in Mediclinic, looking at Capitec and Top40

19 May 2015: New trade entered in Capitec, and a look at S&P500 and Top40

12 May 2015: Buying Top40 cash against options for upside and downside participation

5 May 2015: Opening an option structure on the Top40 for downside protection to June

28 April 2015: Banking profits in Aspen, Reinet and stopped out on Resilient

21 April 2015: Educational: 4 high probability trade setups to look out for

14 April 2015: Opening a new trade in Resilient, and looking at Aspen, Reinet and Top40

7 April 2015: Opening a new trade in Reinet and looking at the Top40

31 March 2015: Banking profits in Pioneer Foods / Zeder pair trade, and opening a new long trade in Aspen

24 March 2015: Examining recent weakness in Aspen and identifying a potential trade opportunity

17 March 2015: Banking profits in Telkom and entering an option structure for downside protection in Q2

10 March 2015: Opening a new long trade in Telkom

3 March 2015: Banking profits in Coronation and Naspers, and entering a pair trade between Pioneer Foods and Zeder

24 February 2015: Opening a new long trade in Naspers and identifying an opportunity in Mediclinic

17 February 2015: Entering a new trade in Coronation, and looking at an opportunity in Shoprite

10 February 2015: Focussing on the S&P500, Woolworths and Mr Price

3 February 2015: Opening a put spread option structure for downside protection

20 January 2015: New trade entered in Sanlam and a look at JSE Sectors

13 January 2015: Getting the year started with profits on short rand position. Highlighting Top40 vulnerability

16 December 2014: Illustrating the importance of stop losses

9 December 2014: Donating to charity and looking back at the stats for the 2014 trading year

2 December 2014: Stopping out BHP Billiton and taking a look at JSE Sectors

25 November 2014: Entering a new short position on rand dollar

18 November 2014: Educational: looking at candlesticks and reversals 2014-11-18

11 November 2014: Banking profits on SA40 micro contract and taking a look at MTN

4 November 2014: Banking profits in Bidvest and entering a new long trade in BHP Billiton

28 October 2014: Entering a new long trade in the IG SA40 Micro contract

21 October 2014: Analysing the reversal on Top40, looking at Bidvest and technical damage on S&P500

14 October 2014: Taking stock of the recent correction and keeping an eye on BHP Billiton

7 October 2014: Updating our put spread option structure and entering a new trade in Life Healthcare.

30 September 2014: Examining the JSE Findi and Resi Sectors. New trade in Bidvest.

23 September 2014: Buying against our option structure and 4 strong charts to keep an eye on

16 September 2014: Assessing the major JSE sectors and opening a put spread option structure for DEC14

9 September 2014: Discussing the three day rule and how we applied it to successfully trade Steinhof

2 September 2014: Re-visiting our Top40 option structure for the Sep14 expiry

27 August 2014: Trading stats for 5 years of Traders Corner

26 August 2014: Looking at vulnerability on the DAX and Top40

20 August 2014: Looking back at 5 years of Traders Corner

19 August 2014: Reviewing trades in Naspers and AngloGold, and looking at the Top40

12 August 2014: Opening a new long trade in AngloGold Ashanti

5 August 2014: Discussing Sasol, Naspers and debating whether the correction is over or not

29 July 2014: Focusing on risk vs exposure, and dealing with misdeals

22 July 2014: Entering a new long trade in Sasol

15 July 2014: Opening a new long position in Naspers

8 July 2014: Examining vulnerabilities on the Top40

1 July 2014: Entering a new long trade in PSG Group

24 June 2014: Entering a new short trade in Exxaro

17 June 2014: Banking profits in Aspen and Top40 longs. Taking a bigger picture view of the Top40

10 June 2014: All long trades in the money. Eyeing Exxaro for a possible short

5 June 2014: Reviewing trades in Aspen and NGPLT, Entering a cautious long on Top40

27 May 2014: Entering a new long trade in Aspen

20 May 2014: Entering a new long in NewPlat ETF

13 May 2014: Cutting losses on AngloGold, entering an options structure for downside protection to September

6 May 2014: Closing Top40 short and opening a new long trade in AngloGold

29 April 2014: Entering a short trade on Top40 future and lining up a possible short on the rand dollar

22 April 2014: Looking at Top40 support and resistance and a possible trade in Aspen

15 April 2014: Looking for a shorting opportunity in the rand

8 April 2014: Looking at seasonality on the JSE

1 April 2014: Entering a new long trade in Pinnacle Technology

25 March 2014: Opening a new long position in Kumba Iron Ore

18 March 2014: Entering a new long trade in Anglo Platinum

11 March 2014: Analysing the platinum and palladium prices, and AngloPlats

4 March 2014: Pairs trade between Satrix Resi, Satrix Indi and Satrix Fini

25 February 2014: Analysing the relatives of JSE sectors and identifying a shift in sector leadership

18 February 2014: Examining the 3 largest JSE stocks, and re-positioning Options structure for downside protection

11 February 2014: Banking profits in Firstrand and examining vulnerability in Indi25 and Top40

4 February 2014: Banking profits on Top40 short and entering Firstrand long

28 January 2014: Banking profits on ZARUSD short and entering short on Top40

21 January 2014: Put Spread Option Structure for downside participation

14 January 2014: Welcome 2014, Shorting the rand

17 December 2013: Assessing the leverage on the portfolio through 2013, Rand seasonal weakness in January

10 December 2013: Handing over this year's profits to charity

3 December 2013: Examining open trades and taking a look at the precious metals market

26 November 2013: Adding to Standard Bank long and discussing the possibility of a Santa Claus rally

19 November 2013: Banking profits in Kumba short, buying Top40 and Standard Bank

12 November 2013: New short trade entered in Kumba Iron Ore

5 November 2013: Analysing Telkom and Pan African Resources

29 October 2013: Banking profits in Top40 and SGL, analysis of SBK

22 October 2013: New long in Sibanye Gold and reviewing long on Top40

15 October 2013: Stopped out on Naspers and going long Top40

8 October 2013: New long trade entered in Naspers

1 October 2013: Top40 options structure for downside participation with limited risk

24 September 2013: Banking profits in Top40 and taking the positives out of a loss on ZARUSD

17 September 2013: Banking half profits on Top40 and shorting the rand

10 September 2013: Swinging Top40 trade from short to long

3 September 2013: New short opened on Top40 and analysis on Remgro and Netcare

27 August 2013: Banking profits in GND, cutting losses in GLD. Looking at Top40and ZARUSD

20 August 2013: Banking profits in VOD/MTN pairs trade and new short position opened in NewGold ETF

13 August 2013: Looking at resistance levels on the S&P500 and Top40 Index

6 August 2013: Banking profits in Sasol and cutting losses on Top40 short

30 July 2013: New short position opened on Top40 future

23 July 2013: New pairs trade opened: Long MTN, Short Vodacom

16 July 2013: A half-year look back at the trading year to date

9 July 2013: New trade opened in Sasol, and looking at market volatility

2 July 2013: Banking profits in Top40 and Remgro, new long in Grindrod and Resi cyclicality

25 June 2013: Banking profits in APN long and AGL short. New longs in Top40 and REM.

18 June 2013: New trade in Aspen and looking at index re-weightings

11 June 2013: Looking at emerging market currencies and the R186 Govt bond

4 June 2013: Analysing the Average True Range on the Top40

28 May 2013: Looking at mid-caps Comair, Metair and Metrofile

21 May 2013: Taking a look at a weakening rand

14 May 2013: New short trade opened in Anglo American

7 May 2013: A look into the workings of CFDs

30 April 2013: A new trade entered in the NewGold Platinum ETF

23 April 2013: A look at the major support levels on JSE Indices

16 April 2013: A worrying similarity between the Gold index and the Resi index

9 April 2013: A string of stop losses and a look at our Put Spread option structure

2 April 2013: A look at seasonal patterns on JSE sectors, and a new trade in Tigerbrands

26 March 2013: A look at Top40 seasonal factors, and Tigerbrands.

19 March 2013: A look at the Top40 and seasonal patterns on the Resi Index

12 March 2013: New trade opened in Netcare

5 March 2013: New trade opened in Standard Bank

26 February 2013: Looking at the big support levels for S&P500 and Top40

19 February 2013: New trade entered in African Rainbow Minerals

12 February 2013: Making a case for a break higher on S&P500, and new trade entered in PPC

5 February 2013: Analysis of the charts of Standard Bank and African Rainbow Minerals

29 January 2013: Top40 Put Spread Structure

22 January 2013: New trade opened in Aspen

15 January 2013: Taking a look at S&P500, Euro Dollar, All Share, AGL, BIL, GND, APN and BVT

8 January 2013: Getting the year 2013 started


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