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Traders Corner 2013 Survey responses

Posted by: Garth Mackenzie Posted on: 2013-11-25

We recently surveyed the subscriber base of Traders Corner. Responses were received from 236 people which represents approximately half of the active subscriber base. We indicated that we would make all the survey responses available. These responses are available below.


Thank you to all who participated in the survey. We have a history of listening to what our subscribers want and this survey has revealed a few nice new ideas which we will look to investigate and implement going forward.


Garth Mackenzie

(Founder and Editor:


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Reply to this post 1 Masike Interesting and informative results. Well done guys. 

Reply to this post 2 Lynne Weight Garth , it would have been interesting to find out how many traders are female? 

Reply to this post 3 Horst Looking at the age graph methinks this should be called "Ballies Corner" 

Reply to this post 4 Craig Thanks Garth 

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