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Face2Face Slides by Garth Mackenzie. 29 Oct 2015. One year review of my parents retirement portfolio

Posted by: Garth Mackenzie Posted on: 2015-10-30


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Reply to this post 1 Lawrence H  All things being equal, this is proof of a minimum threshold or 'critical mass' need to maintain viability and ensure investment success. A little bit of intelligent planning and foresight can go a long way. Very impressive Garth.  

Reply to this post 2 AH Well done Garth,I have to do something similar for myself in a couple of years time. Correct me if I am wrong but I have always been let to believe that pref shares are difficult to sell 

Reply to this post 3 Garth Mackenzie AH, Preference shares are usually not very liquid, but there is sufficient liquidity in the ones I have included in this portfolio to be able to get in and out in the size I need to. 

Reply to this post 4 Andy How can i start up a ritirement investment like this but with little capital or no capital at all, any ideas. Age 34. 

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