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Traders Corner 2021 Survey results - 1 November 2021        0 Comments

Thanks to everyone who completed the Traders Corner 2021 Survey. We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. We had an excellent response rate which means that the survey results are a good representation of what the majority of our clients think. We promised we would publish the


I’ve been furloughed or lost my job. Should I take up trading to replace my income? - 13 April 2020        0 Comments

By Garth Mackenzie

Until recently I had not heard of the word “furloughed” but it is a word that is now being widely mentioned as the economic impact of CoVid-19 bites down hard all over the world.


The word furlou


Face2Face slides 30 Jan 2020. By Andrew Todd. 2020 outlook - 1 February 2020        0 Comments


Face2Face slides. 28 Nov 2019. By Andrew Todd. Review of 2019 and peak into 2020 - 29 November 2019        0 Comments


Face2Face slides. 4 July 2019. By Andrew Todd. Q3 outlook. Inverted yield curve. - 10 July 2019        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 4 Apr 2019. By Andrew Todd. Q2 where to next? - 5 April 2019        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 24 Jan 2019. By Andrew Todd. 2019 outlook - 25 January 2019        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 24 Jan 2019. By Garth Mackenzie. 2019 outlook and strategy - 25 January 2019        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 6 Dec 2018. By Andrew Todd. 2018 Q4 changed the landscape. Peak into 2019 - 7 December 2018        0 Comments


Face2Face slides 27 Sep 2018. By Andrew Todd. 2018 Review and Q4 outlook - 2 October 2018        0 Comments



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