High Probability Stock Trading Course


The High Probability Stock Trading Course is offered online through THINKIFIC, by Garth Mackenzie. This course was previously run in a face-to-face format. In 2020 Garth updated the course and modified the content to make it relevant for trading global stocks - particularly on the US market.


You can access the course via the following link: 


Course content:


  • 28 Video lessons (8 hours of video content)
  • 15 assessments (156 assessment questions)
  • Multiple downloadable resources


Course sections:


  • Introduction and getting started
  • Playing in the right sectors. Relative Strength Analysis
  • Building a technical analysis toolbox
  • High probability chart patterns
  • Creating a check list for high probability trades
  • Risk management and money management
  • Developing your Play Book, Game Plan and Monitoring system
  • Getting on your way


Course price: $199.00


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Top40 Trading Course

The Top40 ALSI trading course is now offered online and instructed by Andrew Todd in a module format. Over the last few years the course that Andrew has conducted has received fantastic feedback. The number one aim of the course is to provide you with a starting point in terms of developing a methodology for trading the ALSI. A few basic concepts will be explained as well as more advanced tips, tricks and techniques coupled with identification of entry and exit points while still aligning with the trend. Strategies using pivot points are also detailed. A basic understanding of index trading is advantageous, but not necessary.


Please click on this link for a detailed review of the course outline as well as sub sections of the course -


Basic overview

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - The Trend

Chapter 3 - The Traders Toolbox

Chapter 4 - Advanced Tips & Techniques

Chapter 5 - Putting it all together & working examples

Chapter 6 - Debrief & Review


What is included?

  • Over 4 hours (25 lessons) of focused video content in module format. 
  • Downloadable examples to practise what you have learnt. 
  • 85 page online manual in PDF format with additional material.


Course price: $199.00


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Understanding CFDs Course

This course is currently unavailable

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